Dimensional Inspection Services

Dimensional Inspection Services (DIS) provide:

If your company has a specific engineering problem which involves the dimensional accuracy of one of your components, DIS can give you some clarity on an independent basis.

As a customer you can bring your component to us and have a direct input into the measurement/investigation. This type of service provision is as close to having your own inspection facility and Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). Measuring can be carried out whilst you wait.

Measuring/Inspection reports can be carried out using 2D drawings or 3D Cad Models. The format for the Model would have to in Step or Iges. Both 3D and 2D Profiles of surfaces can be measured using the 3D Models.

Our service is bespoke with short lead times with a scheme whereby you can budget for your inspection costs over a pre-agreed period. The service can be adapted to a diverse range of products and components, such as castings, mould tools, pressings and machine parts to name a few and is done so on a totally independent basis.

Results can be completed on a DIS branded excel document or on a customer’s own documentation thus saving any additional data entry time.

Our equipment

A CNC Johanson Cordimatic '7000' Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is the major item in the £100,000 worth of metrology equipment employed by DIS. The CMM is capable of measuring components up to 800 mm long.

Also installed is a Baty Optical Profile Projector, equipped with edge sensing and the facility to download data for statistical process control. A toolmaker's microscope is particularly valuable for very accurate, non-contact type measurement.

All equipment is traceable to National Standards. All history and Certificates are retained on file and are available for any audit.

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